Where there's a will, there's a way

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I'm now learning HTML in the class of "Introduction to Computer Systems and its Exercises." I can say nothing but that I am computer-freak. I don't mean only computer. HTML enables us to express our opinions, hobbies, and everything about ourselves to the world in one way. And we can develop our expresstions from scratch. This is what we call the Internet, based on HTML in general. I never conceal my curiosiry. I'm realizing what I have imagines in my mind reading the books on the Internet, Yukio Noguchi's ones and so on.

I've been wanting to be what I am now. I thought if I become a university student I am free to do whatever I want, I will unchain my curiosity from the world of Japanese entrance examinations and immerse myself into computer and mathematics. I was so stupid that I was effected by the lazy surroundings. I want to be what I am. I should keep this way.


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