Sweet Party

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Today I had second meeting of ESS. I could eat souvenirs again most of which were sweets. It was nice, and I was surprised many members went many places including foreign countries. I want to visit many countries. I hope the day would come soon.


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I was surprised to receive the email of rejectin about my part-time job. I thought I could get the job, but anyway I decided I make it positive. Actually I feel the rejection was good. I'm really lacking money, but I have many things to do. I should try to concentrate myself on fewer things and have more time to relax.

By the way I watch the movie of "命 (Existance)" today. It was nice. There were a man who is dying of the cancer and a baby who was coming into the world. He was trying to take care of the baby, but it becomes more and more difficult because of the cancer. Different from the Hollywood movies which awaken our emotions in creative or skillful way, this movie showed us the story in a straightforward manner. I felt such a movie is also good.

Today was nice day, because I could take another good look at myself in a calm manner.


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I went shopping at Shinjuku and Akihabara. I bought just books about TOEFL, essay and Korean and computer supplies, though, it was a great freshener!! This week is the first week after my summer vacation was over, so I was very tired. But It is boring to stay at home alone. I'm glad that it has worked out.


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In this latter term, I can't take any classes but English: Expression 1on Fridays. I think the Department limits too muchthe classes that its students can take, including liberal arts classes. I can actually attend other classes but I can't get their credit. I hate it!!

Anyway the possible financial aid from Princeton University is good. Though I don't think the entire educational system of my university is bad, I want to give more importance to Princeton University dreaming of escaping from my university.

Ma-po Dou-fu

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I cooked Ma-po Dou-fu for today's lunch box. I have rarely prepared a lunch box for myself. Both for saving money for lunch and for developing my cooking skill I want to keep this.

By the way my father has come to Tokyo on his business, and he will visit my apartment tomorrow to stay for one night. I have to ask him to use the servise together on the web page of Prinveton University which tells us how much scholarship we will be able to get. This service began at September 15. It's very good timing. I'm afraid, on the other hand, that we cannot get enogh scholarship. The tuition of Princeton University is very high. It's really esential for my enterance. Anyway, taking good points on SAT and making a great essay I will show them my will and talent enough to study at Princeton University.


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I had an activity of ESS circle I belong to for the first time after the summer vacation. I was a little excited to see members!! I felf like having spent a very long time since I met them last. Separated into two parts, we talked about our summer vacation in English. I thing my English become better after I participated in the ISC, but it was not as well as during the ISC. Of course, I talked a lot about my experience of the ISC in the English. I was glad that my story seemed to interest them. I want to keep developing my English.

By the way, I had been making a speech script as part of ESS activities with the help of the adviser teacher of ESS. We have some chances in a year to participated in a speech contest. I have participated in one in this June and I was preparing for another. But today I told him I would bow out of making a speech. I though it was good for the development of my English and that an experience of making a speech in front of many people gave me a lot. In fact, to make a good speech I have to be entirely-focused on the organization of the speech and techniques to interest the audience. I felt it has rarely anything with English so that I decided it. I'm very sorry for giving him many troubles.

After all I will focus myself more on the admission for Princeton University. I want to give delight to him by getting the admission.

Just Do It

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I woke up at 6 a.m. I had a new class which would start at 9 a.m. During the first half, there were hardly any classes which started before 10:40 a.m. It was fresh for me to wake up as early as today and to prepare for going to university.

Arriveing at my university, I met some of my friends and talked a little. Checking announcements on a bulletin board with my friend, to our surprise, our new class had been call off!! Oh my god! There was no annoucement when we come last Wednesday to have a extra class. It cannot be helped. I decided to walk around with a certain friend who are planning and trying to change his department.

Actually I'm willing to re-enter another university, Princeton University in NJ. I will take the test of SAT1 on November and SAT2 on December. Just reading this diary it seems that I'm doing nothing special. I was tackling the past SAT, but I cannot excuse myself if others tell me so. I was not so serious that I was studying wherever and whenever I could.

But talking with him about our plans, I was inspired to a new life in USA. I haven't turned in the application nor it's never easy for me to break through the highly competition to enter. I can't figure out whether I will be able to get the admission for Princeton University or not. But I will try. Just do it. I will do my best day by day. I will study to death.

The Last Day

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Today was the last day of my summer vacation. I didn't have any special plans other than the interview. Waking up aroud noon, I went to Kayabacho to have the interview. It was finished in 15 minutes and I was said that I can get the interview result in 4 days or more by email. The part-time job is checking the clients' web site and keep their morality. I'm interested in such a field. I really hope to get this job.

After the interview, I went to ITO-YA in Ginza which is at 4 stations distance from Kayabacho. ITO-YA is one of the biggest stationer's shops in Japan. I like interesting stationery very much. I bought some notebooks and a few RHODIA memo pads to keep in reserve. I really like this memo pad.

On the way home, I have found the train pass I couldn't find yesterday. When I was putting a train ticket in the breast pocket of my shirt, I found it! I should have searched the pocket.

Today I'm willing to go to bed before the date change. I will have to wake up earlier tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to seeing friends.

Monthly Train Pass

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I have lost the monthly train pass I bought for my part-time job. The part-time job was already over, but the pass doesn't expire. It was very expensive. I was willing to make more use of it. I will search more carefully for it tomorrow. And I have an appointment for new part-time job interview tomorrow. I wish I could find the pass before leaving my apartment.

Floran Debadie

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His name is Floran Debadie. He was the interpreter who worked for PhilippeTroussier, the former manager of the all Japan soccer team. I was surprised to watch him on the TV program of 虎乃門. I had been interested in him, because I saw him beside Troussier and acting just like him every time the former manager appeared on TV. He was doing a kind of commentator on the variety program and was talkative in very nice Japanese. He besides talked about Vietnamese diet on a part of the program specialy give for him. He angrily said that he can find no real Vietnamese restaurant in Japan even when he asked the Vietnemase Embassy. He was talking with great emotion as he interpred what Troussier said. Watching him was so interesting that I searched the Internet for information about him. Actually he is not a interpreter but a magazine editor. And He is 25 years old, which made me most surprised. It was 10 years younger than I expected. I got to understand his fashion sense and his way of speaking on the TV program. I bet he will become even more popular if he appear on more programs.


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I put my room in order. I felt fresh and willing to do everything. I think it very important to keep our minds fresh. Messy surroundings make it difficult. It's surely the point to keep a room in order that we keep using each of the furnitures, because it was realy at a mess aroud my desk!!

Fried Rice

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I cooked fried rice mixed with Korean kimchi. It was very nice!!! Though much pork back ribs made its taste a little greasier, it made a great combination. I want to cook it again.

Long Time No See

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I had one extra class for physics, so I had to go to university. Though a round train ticket cost 800 yen (too expensive!), I was glad to see some friends. We talked about many things such as about our summer vacation, part-time jobs and so on. I was cheered up. I got looking forward to the schooldays.


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I went shopping at a cigar shop and bought four cigers, Montecristo No. 3, H. Upmann Petit Corona, Punch Coronation and Ramon Allones Petit Corona. I don't like chokers but cigars very much. I think cigars are very good for thinking. I want to introduce the words a master in a cigar shop gave me before; "The depth and expansiveness of my thought by smoking cigars have enormous appeal. My delight is amplified and my grief healed. I can experience a wonderful world that I can't experiece with dry cigar ,but with premium cigar." However, premium cigars are very expensive! I want to smoke them only when it counts.

Straight Pool 2

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I went to TSUTAYA to rent the video of "The Hustler 2," but they don't have it. Neither are there the rental video in another rental agency. I'm a man who wants to get it all the more if I can't get it! I want to watch it and go to the pool hall which has free-time service. Only paying 1,000 yen, I can play freely between 12 o'clock and 19 on weekdays. These days weather is not good, so I don't feel like going out. To make things worse, since next week classes will start. I want to practice straight pool when I have enough time!!

By the way, though I write this diary on a notebook, I noticed that the tatle of Sep. 9 has nothing to do with the content. It seems that I made a mistake when I was transcribing the notebook. I have corrected the mistake.

A Part-Time Job

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I had already come back to Chiba yesterday, because I had a part-time job today from early morning to noon. It was a one-day job and the easiest one I've ever taken. However, if it were not for this part-time job, I could probably attend the After ISC which is held today and tomorrow. My father helped me go back to Kagawa, but it was an accidental situation. I had better stop thinking about such an selfish thing.

Anyway, my daily life wiil start again tomorrow. I want to make everyday fulfilling.

The Funeral

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I attended the funeral. It was just within relatives, so there was not so many attendants. I was cool. I thought it was as if I am less and less afraid of a roller coasters and a haunted houses in an amusement park. I was exactly cool enough to see her face and pick up her bones after the cremation not dropping tears. I could accepted the fact as an fact. But I can't imagine what I will be when my grandparent or parend would die. I want to be a good son and grandson.


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I went back to Kagawa, my hometown, to attend the funeral of my grandfather's sister. When I was a child, she lived in Okayama in front of Kagawa over Seto Inland Sea. So we used to meet once or twice in a year. About six years ago her condition went worse and since then she settled alone in Kagawa, also her hometown. I liked her. She was an outspoken woman. Sometimes I would be surprised and a little scared to see such an old lady smoking, but she was very kind. I was sad to hear her death. I have to say last good-bye to her tomorrow.

Straight Pool

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I watched the movie of "The Hustler" yesterday, so I was spoiling to play pools. I went to a pool hall to play straight pool alone. After 3 hours play, I called Mr.K to play together. Leaving the pool hall, we went to his house and eat Korean foods. They were very nice! I like the noodle. Kimchi, however, was hard to eat without water. Actually it's hotter tasting rather than Japanese kimchi, I prefer Korean one. I can't eat Japanese kimchi any more.


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I and my Korean friend, Mr.K ( a quarter of Korean ) had a lunch together at Capricciosa, an Italian reastaurant. He seemed to like focaccia we can eat as much as we like when we order a luch menu. And I was satisfied to eat spaghetti with mushroom of a one-day menu. I like mushroom!

We talked a lot. He wants to learn English more as well. I recommended him to keep a diary in English and showed the book 『英語で日記を書いてみる』 ,( "Let's try to keep a diary in English" ) which is my bible to keep this diary. On the contrary, I asked him to help me learn Korean. I'm very interested in Korea, because I made five Korean friends through the International Student Conference where I participated in this summuer vacation and because they tought me Korean culture is very similar to Japanese culture. Korea is very near! I want to visit Korea next spring or summer vacation.


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I got to know TSUTAYA, which is a rental agency, is opening in three days near my house. It's great! Specially CDs I couldn't rent after house-moving, because there's no available agency. I'm less and less intereted in now songs. I'm looking forward to the opening day.


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At 8 p.m. today I was allowed to upload my web site on the OCN server, but I couldn't complete my web site at all until then. I want to study HTML more. I'll build up a great web site!!

Tomorrow I will be exactly free, because my part-time job was over today. I hope to upload this diary on my web site tomorrow.


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