H. Upmann Petit Corona

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I smoked the cigar of the title at a park in the midnight. It was a little light for me, but its taste was nice. Then, I got suddenly eager to go to Mongolia, looking over the night sky around Tokyo. I could count only 12 stars in the sky. I really want to see stars over the sky.

By the way, it is my best way to concentrate on something ideal to smoke a cigar with empty stomach. No much blood run into the stomach and a cigar release you from hunger. When it comes to mind, you would be surprised with your pure acuity. I hope you would critize after taking this way once.

Harry Potter

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I bought "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." I'm very sorry I have little time to read it!!


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I've been so busy studying Verval Test of SAT1 that I can't update this page everyday. Well, I decide that I won't update this page until Nov. 2 when I will take SAT1. But I will write a diary sometimes if possible. Please understand me.

Playing Hooky

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I was tackling past SATs and a vocabulary book playing hooky today. Math is no problem, but Verbal test is very hard. Maybe I will skip most of my classes next week.


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I ate out sushi at self-service sushi restaurant. I just can't take it! I ate five dishes, because sushi is expensive for alone-living students like me. It didn't make me full, but I completely satisfied.


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These days I eager to eat fish!! Specially a kind of raw fish!! But it is very difficult for me to deal with flesh fish. What can I do??


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I went drinking coffee at CAFFE VELOCE near Matsudo Station. Its coffee is cheapest in other cafes' around my apartment as far as I know. I bring an English-Japanese dictionary and vice verse one, and had been writing a draft for application and questions to Princeton University for two hours. I felf comfortable, because there were no waiter or waitress on the second floor for customers. But I don't like it when many women are talking so loudly. I wish I seldom encountered such women in a daily life.


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I cooked Okonomiyaki for today's lunch in this morning and bring it to university. Though it was also my freakfast, a tragedy was to try to bring. The Okonomiyaki I ate this morning was very nice, but the one heated in a microwave oven was never a kind of food. In addition heated mayonnaise smelled bad. I suppose it is best when meals are hot just after cooked.


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They specially allowed me to exchange the goods. Though all of today's classes were canceled because of the Sports festival and I won't join in it, I went to university to negotiate with them directly not on the phone. I guess this direct way achieve a successful outcome. Next time I will be more careful not to make them troubles.

Big Mistake

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I was really shocked to have bought a wrong software by mistake and I have opened it. I bought it at the shop in my university. I called them and asked if it is possible to exchange of reture the goods. Their answer was NO as I thougt, but they told me they would call the software campany and ask its possibility. I really really wish things would go well.

Please note: Check which is the software's edition Window's or Mac's even if you were very exhausted after PE class and playing pools for 2 hours.


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I spent this morning on supervising test takers, which was half-day job mere for this moring. They were pupils in the 5th grade. I was asked by a girl during the Japanese test; what this word, "調和(Harmony)" means. At that moment I considered deeper than she would expect. I come up with such ideas as the harmony with the environment, between races and between body and soul. But I turned back at once to the idea what she would like to know, and I just told her that I couldn't answer such a kind of questions and to think for herself.

On a train, on the way back, I remembered this conversation. I thought what would it be that adults or books by them teach children what these words means, such as "Society," "Rules," and of course "Harmony" any words. Every word has its fixed category. As children learns the meaning of each words we use, they learn the real world provided in front of them, on the other hand, they would be losing their own way of thinking and imaging. I know large vocabulary enable us to express our thoughts all the better and think in more logical and complex way. I suppose it is important as well to think abstractly and out of fixed logical way where most people think, which might give us a wonderful idea or impression.

Ghibli Museum

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I remembered there being Ghibli Museum in Mitaka where I can go by train. I really wanted to go when I was in Kagawa, my hometown. The Ghibli and "Lupin the third" animation movies have surely influenced on me. My best movie among Ghibli movies is "紅の豚"(The Pig in Red). I will abusolutely visit the museum and appreciate its pictures!!


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I arrived at my university an hour earlier than the appointment with my friends. We were planing to do the assignment, to some extent, which was given at Introdution to Computer Systems and its Exercises. I've completed its conditions, but I wanted to make it more interesting. I think I should learn CGI more and want to make a great program.
I'm now learning HTML in the class of "Introduction to Computer Systems and its Exercises." I can say nothing but that I am computer-freak. I don't mean only computer. HTML enables us to express our opinions, hobbies, and everything about ourselves to the world in one way. And we can develop our expresstions from scratch. This is what we call the Internet, based on HTML in general. I never conceal my curiosiry. I'm realizing what I have imagines in my mind reading the books on the Internet, Yukio Noguchi's ones and so on.

I've been wanting to be what I am now. I thought if I become a university student I am free to do whatever I want, I will unchain my curiosity from the world of Japanese entrance examinations and immerse myself into computer and mathematics. I was so stupid that I was effected by the lazy surroundings. I want to be what I am. I should keep this way.

Speech Scripts

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I handed in my evaluations of the speech scripts that the participants wrote for my university's speech contest. I found one great speech. Reading such a great work makes me positive and willing. I'd like to say thank you to the auther.


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The three of my friends was going to have a mixer at 6 p.m. today. I'm not so interested in it itself but in how they acted. I'll ask them tomorrow.

By the way one of the biggest aims to join a mixer is in general to make a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Let's say a certain percentage of people of the oppsite sex is surely one's type, I think it's interesting that one gambles on the possibility that one can discover and go out with him or her. But I'm sometimes amazed to hear those who had failed saying something stupid about it. I want to advice them to enjoy it not only having the aim.


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I'm learning German in my university as a second foreign language, but my ability doesn't improve. I think day-by-day practice is most important in learning a foreign language. I should devote even 15 minutes a day to German study...and Korean. f(^_^;

A Little Arrangement

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I arranged my web site a little better. I felt as if I couldn't help leaving my PC. It was really what I have wanted to do!! To make a creative and cool page is stimulating my curiosity. After I finish applying to Princeton university I want to divote much time to my page.

Matsudo Festival

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Matsudo festival is being held both today and tomorrow. Matsudo is where I am living. In fact it is not interesting itself, but I could enjoy eating foods sold from stalls on the streets. There was a shish kebab stall by those who looks like Turkish. I bought a skewer. It was spicy and good. I like it. I want to eat again tomorrow.


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I watched "Total Recall" featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger on TV. I just remembered that my biology teacher told us, when I was a junior high school student, what would occur to us if we are thrown into the space; and he showed this movie, where we can watch such kind of a scene. I watch through this movie. As usual it was HIS movie. In the last 5 minutes after I was tired to death I had found the scene. I should make even better use of time.

Rest and Relax

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These days I cann't wake up early. Once I get awake from my sleep by the alarm clock, but I soon get between the sheets again. I feel like getting tired easier than last week. I think this is because this week is second week after the second half started. I will rest and relax in this weekend.

Environment and Ethics

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I'm taking the class of "Environment and Ethics" which started at this second half. It's very interesting. I like it. This class is mainly presented by students. At eash class 5 or 6 attedants will present their summaries of each part of the text and their opinions. My turn is at last class in Decemver after the SAT2. I'm looking forward to the class.


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I had to talk in English with my friend on the phone. It was very hard for me to have a phone conversation in English. I asked a favor of my senior at ESS who have returned from abroad. He was helpful so much. I hope my English will become better as well as his.


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