Seeing Off

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I saw my mother off at Ginza. She said she want to search for Japanese tea-things there, so I went together. We had a lunch together. I felt at home to see her cheerful face.

The Ceremony

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The replacement party was really successful!! We enjoy it very much. Though I went back earlier, I never forget them!! It is our rule to make a circle and put one person in it to kick and kick him ( most members are men and we can do such a thing to a woman!! ) This is called "Two Four Six Eight," which is very important celebration. As you know, this is a little violent. But I think this is acceptable and is good, because we never forget this!! How can I forget you even I leave for America!!!


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My mother has come to my house. She will stay in three days for her bussiness. But I have a party tomorrow. I feel sorry that I can't stay home next night. I will come back home about 10p.m.

Last Meeting

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I went to school. I felt it was a long time ago that I met friends late time. I also atteded the ESS meeting. As I've been studying for studying abroad, I didn't pay so much attention to seniors. It was their last meeting!! I had a kind of sad feeling. I want to make the replacement party a successful on this Friday.

R & R

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I was so tired that I neglect today's classes. Yesterday I went eating Nabe at my senior's apartment directly after TOEFL. Eleven ESS members were together. We enjoyed eating and watching the video of our play. I wil attend classes tomorrow for the first time in a week.


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I took the TOEFL today. As it was computer-based, I could get to know the result except the grade of wrinting. I was at a level of admission probable for undergraduate students. I was relief to read this. Next is SAT2 on 7 December.

The End

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We have finished everything about our play, the Matrix. The chief of play was crying. I'm really moved as well. Next year I don't know whether or not I am in Japan. I never doubt that this experience is a great memory of mine!!

Real Thing

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Today's play was really good!! We were give big hand. It seemed that audiences were satisfied with our play. I'm really glad to join in this play!

Day Before The Real Thing

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We played through the Matrix for the first time today. Though I'm a stagehand, even listening to actors lets me feel this play is going to be great. We'll do our best tomorrow!!


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I went to school to prepare the set of the Matrix, though I asked to let me go back to study TOEFL early afternoon. Everywhere on the campuse, I found posters and those who were preparing tents to sell something to eat or to drink. I like its taste!! I like to enjoy the school festival.

The Matrix

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All classes are going to be canceld for 5 days, because school festival is to be held on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. ESS plays "the Matrix" in English. Though I don't have a role, I want to enjoy it!!


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I got my passport today. It was expensive, ten thousand yen!! But it is needed to take TOEFL. I have to be careful not to lose it.

After ALL

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After all, I started on the day before to prepare for the exam of Information Mathematics . It seems that I'm not a kind of person who can deal with many things at once...

Winter Wear

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I got another clothes for winter wear from my home. I can pass the winter!!

The Annoying Candidates

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It is a big opportunity to spend full of the two days, this Saturday and Sunday, on studying TOEFL. But annoying was the voices amplified by the loudspeaker, of candidates in tomorrow's election. I know a candidate who is occasionally making a speech WITHOUT any loudspeakers at Matsudo station in the morning. The candicdates who use the loudspeekers ONLY on the previous day SHOULD pick his steps in this respect!!


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I added Linking Policy. I'll link more and more web sites of value, including commercial web sites. I hope to make the link pages more useful and helpful. I will gradually add other contents, so sometimes please reload each page not only link pages

Hard Hard Hard!!

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I went to bed at 5 a.m.!! I was writing the report of an experiment in Physics I had to hand in today. I had been very sleepy today. I never doubt this week is very hard.

A Cell-Phone Strap

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I attached to my bag the 365 Day's Birthday Teddy Bear, of course the February 4's one. It is the cell-phone strap sold by Meiji. I bought it last evening when I go shopping in supermaket. It was pretty. If 365 kinds of Teddy Bears are there, don't you want to pick up the one of yours?

Linear Algebra Test

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I crammed last night for the exam. The exam itself was so easy that cramming overnight was effective, but far from perfect in my case. The exam was made up of two elements mainly, memorizing test of the definitions and fundamental problems. I made some mistakes when answering definition questions. The conclusion is that we had better avoid cramming overnight (I say every time!!)

This eveing I tried an omelet containing fried rice. Specially I cooked the one which is served at 煉瓦亭(Rengatei) in Ginza, Tokyo. I got to know this yesterday by chance. When I turned on TV, it was showed and the cook at the long-established restaurant demonstrated the interesting cooking method. Theirs is not what is cover with fried egg but what is exactly like an omelet; They put rice and other fried substances into beated egg and fry like an omelet. I tried this way. It was very delicious!! As for me, who like an omelet containig fried rice, I have to master this method.

Analysis Test

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I took the analysis test. It was easy, but I put a foot wrong; I forgot adding the zero's term of the Maclaurin expansion of a function!! I should take more care of details on the linear algebra test tomorrw.


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I added the link pages to the contents of my web site. Its design is cool, isn't it? (though this web-site lacks the unity.) I referred to the book I bought yesterday. I want to add more contents!!

By the way, the link pages are mainly intended for Japanese. I think I will add more and more Japanese contents so that I can offer what I want to offer on this page. Anyway it will be after I finish entire application to Princeton Unviersity. Please look forword to new contents.

Book Shopping

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I batted around book stores this afternoon. I almost finished reading the book I bought 4 days before so that my appetite for reading is getting bigger. I bought 2 books today: 『なぜみんなスターバックスに行きたがるのか?』( "A New Brand World"-Japanese version) by Scott Bedbury and 『Web designer's handbook』 by Ayumu Ishii. It is my amusement to read books on the bed before I fall asleep.

Letter of Recommendation

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I was searching the Internet for the samples of recommendation letters. When I asked a certain professor to write the letter of recommendation of me to Princeton Univ, I was asked to write the original letter and bring it to him. I don't think this is unreasonable, but how troublesome!

Hard Week

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I'm going to have a hard week. I'll have the middle-semester tests; first test is Analysis on next Monday, second Linear Algebra Tuesday and Information Mathematics on the Tuesday after next. I will stay the current university if I fail to be admitted to Princeton Univ. I have to study hard.

And I'm thinking of another plan. I will search another university in America. Anyway now is tests!!

Bad Condition

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I went to bed earlier this night. I had a runny nose. It seemed that I was tired too much. I'm living alone, so that I have to take care of me for myself specially in this season.

I bought the book of 『超文章法』("Super method of great writing") written by Yukio Noguchi. It was newly published. I'm a fan of him, though I don't always agree with him. His idea is interesting and very practical. Particularly his style is so clear and easy to understand. He is a professor of economics, who graduated from the engineering department at Tokyo University and get a PhD at Yale. We have both scientific backgrounds, so I may be able to understand easily what he says. I'm enjoying turning a page.

As for Harry Potter, I have already finished!! It was very very nice. It was so interesting that I was turing pages very fast. But in winter vacation I like to read it again at slower pace.


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I went appreciating Picassos at the Ueno Royal Museum. Checking the web-site, I was give the information that now it is very crowded and after 16 o'clock will be less crowded. I decided to walk around the Ueno Park.

It was twice. When I am a child, I once traveled Tokyo with my family. I don't remember most of it, but the moment I went along the Shinobazuike Pond a slight memory came to my mind!! I have walked on this way!! I was really impressed and enjoyed walking.

The exhibition itself gathered the pictures on his early days so that there wasn't anything so special. Anyway I relaxed!! Next I have to start to study aiming for TOEFL and SAT2.


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These days I often think of my childfood, which is not a sort of nostalgia. I think of my interest and scientific curiosty I had in the younger days.

From the point of view of today, it is changed; its purity has a little shaded and fixed direction. I mean I lack a theoretical element in studying. I never doubt the study even in the university is dominated by practice. I want to study in rather theoretical way in America when admitted.


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The SAT1 is going to be held at International Cristian University in Mitaka tomorrow, so today I went looking it over beforehand. It was a very beautiful place. The buildings were nice, surrounded by greenery. In fact it was said that SAT1 will be held at ICU High School located next to ICU because of its colllege festival. Anyway I achived my aim of today. The rest is to do my best on SAT1!!

Little Aside: I droped in at Kichijoji on my way home. I eat Chinese noodle at ホープ軒, which is a Chinese noodle restaurant my friend recommended me once and whose noodle is my great favorite. If you have an opportunity to go to Kichijoji, try it!!

Little Aside2: I have to take a bus from Mitaka Station to go to ICU. I found the courtesy bus to and from Ghibli Museum at the station. It was different (of course!!) from "Neko(Cat)-Bus" on "ToToro." But it was pretty enough to warm my heart.


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I expected it to some extent, but I was surprised to recieve explanations from supervisers all in English----I took SAT1. Math Test may be perfect while Verval Test was terrible. I studied hard but couldn't build up sufficient vocabulary in a brief space of time. Anyway I like to perform myself on other points.


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