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The SAT1 is going to be held at International Cristian University in Mitaka tomorrow, so today I went looking it over beforehand. It was a very beautiful place. The buildings were nice, surrounded by greenery. In fact it was said that SAT1 will be held at ICU High School located next to ICU because of its colllege festival. Anyway I achived my aim of today. The rest is to do my best on SAT1!!

Little Aside: I droped in at Kichijoji on my way home. I eat Chinese noodle at ホープ軒, which is a Chinese noodle restaurant my friend recommended me once and whose noodle is my great favorite. If you have an opportunity to go to Kichijoji, try it!!

Little Aside2: I have to take a bus from Mitaka Station to go to ICU. I found the courtesy bus to and from Ghibli Museum at the station. It was different (of course!!) from "Neko(Cat)-Bus" on "ToToro." But it was pretty enough to warm my heart.




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