Linear Algebra Test

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I crammed last night for the exam. The exam itself was so easy that cramming overnight was effective, but far from perfect in my case. The exam was made up of two elements mainly, memorizing test of the definitions and fundamental problems. I made some mistakes when answering definition questions. The conclusion is that we had better avoid cramming overnight (I say every time!!)

This eveing I tried an omelet containing fried rice. Specially I cooked the one which is served at 煉瓦亭(Rengatei) in Ginza, Tokyo. I got to know this yesterday by chance. When I turned on TV, it was showed and the cook at the long-established restaurant demonstrated the interesting cooking method. Theirs is not what is cover with fried egg but what is exactly like an omelet; They put rice and other fried substances into beated egg and fry like an omelet. I tried this way. It was very delicious!! As for me, who like an omelet containig fried rice, I have to master this method.




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