Boring Weekends

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Weekends bores me so much. There are fewer resident students, so I can't play pool or ping-pong. All I can do is to study. I will do something else next weekend.

Pool Cue

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I want a pool cue for my own. Some students have theirs. I found some in Wal-Mart, but they are not good. I'm wandering whether I will buy it in the internet.


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Instant Ramen is sold by Wal-Mart. Using the microwave in my dorm I sometimes boil water and make it. I know it's not good for health, but I like it rather then many food in America. Also, I can feel identified as an Asian using chop stickes. I will take care not to eat too frequently.

Voice Recorder

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I bought a voice recorder, because I can't understand what the instructor of American History says in his classes. His English is unique and difficult for me to listen to. Today I forgot copying the voice data in my laptop ---- I bought a high-tech recorder ---- therefore I failed recording today's class. Its exams themselves almost consist from the textbook. I can do well in exams, if I study, but I hope to take part in the classes.


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Dean of Student Affairs allowed me to use a big refrigerator. I really appriciate it. Now I can drink cool water and orange juice. I hope to make a simple dish.

Casino Night

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We had casino night today. With fake money of paper we enjoyed black jack and roulette. I earned about 4,300 dollars. After gambling we had an auction. We bid for the prepared good. Nothing awarded to me, but I had a nice night.

Chinese Restaurant

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A friend took me and Satoshi to a near Chinese restaurant. It was good! I never thought ordinal Chinese food is so delicious as I did today. I want to come once a week.

Dancing Night

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We had a dancing night sponsored by student government. I though it would be formal to some extent and I was also tired. So I went lately just to see it. Then it was more casual than I expected. I could enjoy only for 20 or 30 minute. I will take part from head over heal next time.

Chip of tooth

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Oh my god! Fried chicken got rid of the chip of my upper front tooth on left. I believed that I parted meat from the chicken with knife and folk, but there was a born inside. Without knowing it, I bit it. Then I lost a slight piece of my tooth. I felt very helpless.


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(Central Time Zone)
Class Name Time Days
Oral Communication 09:00A.M.-09:50A.M. MWF
American History since 1865 10:00A.M.-10:50A.M. MWF
Enlish Composition 1 11:00A.M.-11:50A.M. MWF
Programming Consecpts 02:00P.M.-03:15P.M. MW
Web Publishing 02:15P.M.-03:55P.M. TTH



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I got a box from home. I almost packed it before leave Japan and asked my mother to send it to me with some stuff. Now that I got a pair of house slippers I need not to wear my shoes in my room. I don't like it, because I'm not comfortable with my shoes woren in a room. I think it is a good tradition in Japan.


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When I was going up in an elevator, a woman at admission office got in. I knew her and we talked a little. Then she told me that my smile was a gift. When I meet someone for the first time, I make it a role to smile and listen carefully to the person. I think it is a matter of course and I have done it usually. When I heard that, I was pretty glad with no reason. I will keep this.


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We can use the establishments not only for pool but for ping-pong. In terms of ping-pong, I'm not good at playing it. I have only played it in PE classes in junior high. I did, however, know the rules, I enjoyed playing ping-pong today. I want to try anything even if I knew little about it.

Playing Pool

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I played pool with tall and big guy in the dorm. We can use pool establishment freely. Both of us are good at pool. I couldn't beat him, but I made friends with him. Also, I think he avowed me as a friend. If I was the person with nothing to recommend, I would be just a Japenese student for him who speak poor English. I recognized it was good thing that I have played pool ever and good at it.

American History

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Many resident students travel home or drive somewhere on weekends. Since I have no car I have nothing to do but to study. I studied American History for 6 hours today. It took much time for me to read the textbook. I have to go further pages in weekends.

the Mississippi River

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I went to the Mississippi River. It is 15 minutes walk from my campus. First I was surprised at its size. I thought it is a lake. It was so beautiful. I felt so sorry about leaving my digital camera in my room. In the river side there is a floating casino. I wanted to enter the ship there was a guard. We can't enter a casino before 21 years old. My birthday is close, so I want to try it next month.

Afternoon of Annui

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I had no afternoon class, so I spent boring time. In the evening Satoshi and I asked his friend for a ride to Wal-Mart, the nearest outlet store. We bought some food and other stuff. I realized that we can't do almost anything without a car. America is a motorized society.

Web Publishing

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Since yesterday regular classes have started. Classes for Monday and Tuesday were introducation. Some are hard for me, but I have to tackle them.

I had Web Publishing class today. It is one of the easiest, because I have some experiences of building websites. The instructor uses the e-learning technology called WebCT. This is amazing. We access the website of WebCT for our class and can get much information such as syllabus and assingments. Since I'm interested in computer technology for education, this class make me very curious.


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I played soccer with Satoshi and other soccer club members. I used to play soccer after school when I was an elementary student or at PE classes in junior high, but since then I haven't played soccer. Actually, I'm not good at soccer. I didn't train for soccer nor belong to soccer club. However I like soccer. I enjoyed the game so much. I want to play with them, but I'm afraid that my glasses will be broken. And I don't like play a sport as a club activity, because I don't want to play it in determind time and place.


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Through Satoshi, another Japanese student, I'm making friends with many students. Also, people here are so friendly and easy to talk to that I can say, "Hi" or "Hello" passing someone. They have the atmosphere like family. At cafeteria they invite me to eat together. I'm enjoying my life!

Classes start

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I resistered five classes: Oral Communication 9:00 through 9:50, American Histroy 10:00 through 10:50 and English Composition 11:00 through 11:50 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Programming Concepts on Mondays and Wednesdays and Web Publishing on Tuesdays and Thursday. Therefore I had four classes today! However they were not so hard, for each class was introdution to each course. I have to make efforts to study them. Since I like those small classes, I think I can enjoy them.


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Many resident students came back today. The dorm became more lively. In the evening the cafeteria opened. I ate dinner with some friends I made in these four days. People here are kind and friendly. I've got used to this life already.

Basketball Game

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We had a basketball game in our gym. It was so exciting. They are tall and play very fast. Also, I was surprised that many students and neighbors came to our play. It made me feel at home.


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(Central Time Zone)


Campus Guide

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I woke up almost at noon. I had to take placement assignments, so I finished them in Admission Office. After that they gave me a campus guide. It was small, but I like it. I'm looking forward to classes. Also, I was infroduced so many people that I couldn't remember which person is who. Anyway I'd like to remember them through the life here. By the way most students will come back on coming Sunday, the previous day before classes start. I heard there is one Japanese student. I specially wanted to meet him.

To my surprise, he came to my room in the evening. By chance the soccer coach who is hosting him home came to university with him. Then the guy who guided me on campus told him about me. We were talkative. He told me a lot about this university in Japanese. They were so brilliant for me. I'm very glad to come here.


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(Central Time Zone)


Hello, America and Clinton

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My brother sent me off at the nearest statition. From there I went to Shinjuku Station and transfered to Narita Express. In Narita Airport, I received my ticket I reverved and had a lunch. I ate spagetti. That was my last meal in Japan. After I bought some Japanese sweets, I got on board the plain for Cicago. It was my first experience that I got on the international plain. It took me about twelve hours to get to Cicago. The city was much snowed. It was very fresh for me, because I grew up in the place where it snows a few times a year. During connection time I ate a hurger in Mcdonal's. It was soltier and its hamburger buns were thiner than those in Japan. Getting board, I slept at all. I might be tired so much.

On arrival at Moline Airport, Admission Dean at The Franciscan University had come for me. We shook each other by the hand. She is a powerful woman. After we asked a clerk in the Airport to bring my suitcase which they lost, we went to Durham Hall, which is the dorm on the campus and where I'm about to live a life in America. I subscribed a resident paper and fell into a deep sleep.

Good bye for a while

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I had my hair cut in the nearest barber shop from my brother's apartment, which was most likable shop I ever used. The barber, however, told me at the just beginning of cut "You may have had many troubles with this unruly hair." What? Did he mean I had many bullyings at schools ever? I feld displeased at first, but devoting myself in barber's chair was pretty comfortable and his servise was still nicer. I have had mem's barber cut my hair a few times, so I guess many women's barber didn't understand what mem feel comfortable. I forget that first bad impression. I may want to come here again after American life.

Tonight I emailed all my friends that I will leave Japan tomorrow. I was very pleased to have many responses. I will do my best in America.

Narita Express

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I went shopping again. I almost completed what I need. Also, I confirmed that I will be able to get on Narita Express from Shinjuku Station to Narita Airport without a reservation on January 8. After that my brother, who finished his school, and me ate out in Shibuya. I enjoyed Japanese food.


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Our mother sent us to Sakaide Station before sunrise. We went to Okayama by a train called marine liner over Seto Inland Sea. After that we had three-hour-long ride to Shinagawa. It was pretty beautiful that the sun came out from sea horizon.

We arrived at Tokyo before noon, and my brother went to his school. As for me, I went shopping in Shibuya. I bought several things necessary for my abroad life. Then, my friend in Unga emailed me and said he won't be able to let me stay in his apartment on the day just before I leave Japan, because of this exam schedule. We promised to play pool, so we decided to do it today. I went to Kashiwa in the evening and spend hours with him. It was very fun.


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I packed my baggages in a suitcase, a big backpack and a tote bag. Moreover, I will leave to packages and ask my parents to send them to my new address when I get it. Anyway, I have to carry these baggages to Tokyo. It's gonna be tough to exchange trains.


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Actually, my grandparents have been admitted to a hospital. They were allowed to spend the year-end and New Year holidays at home, and we send them back to the hospital. They weaken too much. I really hope them to take care.

In the afternoon, we went for train tickets for both of me and my brother. We decided to leave Kagawa on Monday. If we could, we want to use a plain, but the airline bookings for Monday was full. For him, this is going to be the first opportunity to use a rapid train, called Shinkan sen. And we will travel for hours for the first time only for ourselves.

I will get back to Kagawa in more than half year. I hope I will be able to get back safely.


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Miyawaki Shoten

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I went shopping at head bookstore of Miyawaki shoten. They had some old books, which seems to be left at the corner of store for a long time, and I found "Hatachi no Genten" in hardcover. It was published about thirty years ago. I bought it for 100 yen. I'm looking forward to reading.

A Happy New Year!!

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Oh, I was sleeping when it became 2004. I wake up at 0:19. But it doesn't seem important for me, because a thing more important is starting. I hope this year is a great step for me, and for you too.


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