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I went to university and got a new sticker for this year's student ID card and an application for coming back to school. Then, I saw my seniors in E.S.S. It was just second time to see them after I got back to Japan. For me, I entirely got used to live in Japan, where I can see E.S.S. members, and it was not anything special at all. On the other hand, I'm supposed to be someone uneasy to find on campus for them. We enjoyed talking for a while.

After that, I went working. I just learnt and practiced what the job is gonna be like. I found some workers familiar and they talked to me kindly. I was glad to see them and got more motivated for working with them.

A busy day

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I woke up early, because an engineer would come to my room to make the ADSL line available in this morning. I cleaned up my crib and was waiting. Yet, he came at a quarter after noon. I was playing pool on Yahoo.com. He started to check the line soon, and finished it in a few minutes.

Right after he left my room, my friend, who was studying with me in America and is studying there alone now, sent an email to my cell phone. I was glad and I placed an international call him. It was night there, but we couldn't cut the phone so easily. We talked for twenty minutes. It was neat. I wish he would be good in this semester.


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I went shopping in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Akihabara. I used Seishun 18 Ticket. I had one ticket left, is available until September 10th. It is like one-day pass for all JR line. One book, which consists of five tickets, cost 11,500, so I should have used it better, but it's okey.

I looked mainly at something good for my life in a new apartment. I bought some kitchen goods and a reading light. It is so cute! It will be more exciting to read "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," which was publishes last week in Japan. I think I used more money than I planned. However, I got a job!! It shouldn't be a problem. Yes! I got a phone call, and she asked me to work with them. It's a happy day.


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I had two interviews today. One was to get a part-time job. The other was to return to my university. The professor's shedule was changed and I decided to have it today on the phone. First, the job interview was easy, because I was working the same office and well-exprienced. Also, the interviewer wanted someone who have skills. I think I can get the job. Second interview was still easier. It was just like talking. Actually, we agreed that I would come back this autumn, when I left of absence. Anyway, all I have to do is write an application and wait for classes started. I wanna see my friends soon.

Readmission to the university.

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I went to school to get an application to return to my university. A man told me to have an interview first with a professor in my Department. So, I asked his schedule at my Department's office, but the professor I needed was not available. Later, the woman in the office called me and said that he will come to school on this Wednesday. I got an apointment. I think I should have done this in my apartment.

A New Bed

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My new bed was delivered. I had simple one that I can make compact, but my brother now keeps it. Since It costs much to send it from him to me, my mom brought cheap one like the old for me. Thanks to it, I can put some of my books under the bed and make my room clearer. However, it is still like a mess.

Osaka Day#2

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I had a lunch with my friends in Umeda. We exchanged digital pictures and talked about a lot of things such as love affairs in the conference. It was interesting. After lunch, I went to Shin-Osaka station to get back to Tokyo by Shinkansen. I slept much in Shinkansen, but I was so tired when I got to Matsudo yet. To make matters worse, it was raining so much, because of a big typhoon. I didn't have an umbrella, so I was very miserable. I bought one, but wind was strong. When I got home, I was exhausted. I went to bed pretty soon.

Osaka Day#1

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I visited my friend, who I met in the ISC. We had a dinner together. It's really nice to see a friend I can't see so easily. I stayed at his apartment. He, other friends, and I chatted online until next morning! I was so sleepy.


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I packed some clothes which I forget sending to my new apartment. And then I packed my stuff to leave Kagawa tomorrow. I came and left home three times in this summer. I wish I spent longer with my parents. I will come back in this winter or next spring. I hope they will be fine ever and spend more next time.

A new month

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What a wonferful day!! I got a job. Actually, it is one-day job to supervise children takers of a prep exam for the enterance exams of junior high schools. However, I'm experienced, so it's easy. Also, its pay is not bad.

Moreover, I reserved an interview for my past part-time job. They by coincedence look for workers for a shot-term job in the internet. I applied for it online and they gave me a call to dicide the interview schedule. It's my day!


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